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Ohio to Erie Trail History

Ohio to Erie Trail History

2016 Marks the 25th year of a Vision taken to Action

Ed Honton was the founder of the Ohio to Erie Trail and the non-profit organization’s first president. It was his vision in 1991 to have a recreational path from Cincinnati to Cleveland mostly using former railroad and canal corridors. Through Ed’s dedication and hard work, the Ohio to Erie Trail became a reality. It was a tremendous loss in 2005 when Ed died, but his legacy will be enjoyed for centuries. Along a new section of the OTET on the Alum Creek Trail, please take a few minutes, pause and read about Ed’s story on a large bronze plaque on a huge stone next to one of the Alum Creek bridges dedicated to this visionary in Ohio.

Consistency of Leadership
Dr. Tom Moffitt has been President of the Board of the Ohio to Erie Trail Fund since 2005 and has been following in Mr. Honton’s steps to make the OTET the longest paved recreational trail in Ohio as well as an important link in the national bike route network.

The other officers, William Daehler (Vice President), Elizabeth Watts (Treasurer) and Wayne Roberts (Secretary) have each served in their position for over five years.

The Board has 19 elected, volunteer directors from across the state, many of whom have been active with the OTETF for over a decade.  Jerry Rampelt was the Board’s long time executive director and he joined the Board as a member following his retirement as the director in 2014. It is this volunteer Board that is responsible for keeping Ed Honton’s vision alive.

In late 2015, Lisa Daris became the part-time Executive Coordinator. Lisa handles the day to day operations of the organization and reports to President Moffitt and the officers.  Lisa serves on the Community Advisory Committee for MORPC’s transportation department. She is on the board of FLOW (Friends of the Lower Olentangy), chairs the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Boating Program and is the founder of SLOW MONEY, a non-profit organization that focuses on peer-to-peer principle based lending. In addition, she operates her own seasonal kayaking company, Olentangy Paddle. She is a graduate of the The Ohio State University. We welcome Lisa and know you will enjoy working with her.